11 Awe Inspiring Waterfalls from All over the World


Going sightseeing for waterfalls is a beautiful way to ground yourself in nature and explore parts of the globe that you would otherwise never have thought to visit. Waterfalls are natural formations that are carved into our planet over the ages. The sheer scope of them, in terms of size and occasional violence, is just simply staggering. If you think that seeing one waterfall means you have seen them all, well, to put it mildly: you are wrong. We decided to take a visual tour around the globe in order to bring 11 of the most awe inspiring waterfalls in existence to your monitor. If any of these waterfalls inspire you to look for cheap ticket packages and hotel reservations then we have done our job. Until then, enjoy these 11 waterfall wonders of the world.

Plitvice Waterfalls


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