Crazy Things You Can Have Done To Your Body After You Die


The vast majority of people don’t want to die but unfortunately it is an inevitable part of life that we all have to go through at some point. For most of our history, there has been a limited amount of things that you could have done to your body after death. Most people would choose to be buried or cremated, with some special instances requiring preparation such as being mummified. Nowadays, though, there is a lot more choice available, allowing people to commemorate their loved ones and send them off in unique and personal ways.

Turned Into Ammo

10-crazy-things-you-can-have-done-to-your-body-after-you-die-1For those who really love guns, it might be a good idea to arrange to have your ashes turned into gunpowder. This can then be incorporated into ammunition that can be fired out of a variety of guns. According to the creators, the ashes are spread across around 250 bullets and only cost $1,200.

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