Oddest And Most Unique Airline Services


Traveling somewhere soon? Chances are, you are going to fly to get to your destination. With the number of flying customers increasing and the fuel costs decreasing, flight prices are now becoming very competitive and attractive. Yet for some reason, air travel is not best known for its customer service. Airports are ranked as one of the most stressful places ever. Airplanes are even worse–flight meals, customer service, leg room are not particularly known to be the best. Air travel is probably the most dreaded part of the trip. But not all airline services are the same–you get what you pay for after all. Here are 10 of the most unique airline services you will find.

Air Malta Gives Economy Passengers Massages

10-oddest-and-most-unique-airline-services-1Air Malta provides all their flyers to and from Gatwick with various services, including free beauty product samples and hand, feet and neck massage. Everyone was also treated to $35 dollar worth of vouchers for Myoka Spas.

Air Malta says that the services were only ‘just the beginning’ and will continue to launch similar projects to improve and enhance customer experience.

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