Things Children Said About Their Imaginary Friends


It’s impossible to know what goes on inside of a child’s mind. We can all look back at some of the dumb things we used to believe, but do we really know how our mind worked? A common trait among children are having imaginary friends — when we can’t hang out with our real friends, we would make people up to pass the time. However, this harmless activity sometimes took a turn into a very scary universe. Here are some of the creepiest stories on imaginary friends that were found on Reddit.

Boy In A Tree

10-creepy-things-children-said-about-their-imaginary-friends-1When walking with their dad and niece, “themightyspin” recalled the niece looking up at a tree and saying, “What’s that boy doing up in that tree?” There wasn’t an actual person up there, but they were around a cemetery on a farm.

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