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Beauties And Their Little Beasts


Yoga Chillen’


Here we have a very good lookin’ Great Dane with some sick spot patterns on its fur. He seems to be loyally watching over his owner while she nonchalantly practices some ridiculously difficult yoga poses.

Psst…There Is A Dog In This Picture


It’s the little white alien looking fur ball in her right hand, in case you didn’t notice. He’s easy to miss being so small compared to the other objects in the room.

Bull-Doggin’ You


Talk about a stare down , this Bulldog has his mean-mug down pat. Ain’t nobody messing with this chick with this stud around. Speaking of studs, she’s rockin’ a couple on her face as well.

In A State Of Shock


Does anybody remember that show Zoboomafoo? Well this is where the lemur is now. Living the life with all that retirement money. Feel old yet?

Literal Paradise


Talk about the perfect pair. Who doesn’t want to swim with dolphins, or swim with her for that matter. She’s like a mermaid goddess hangin’ with her dolphin friends.

Don’t Mind Me


This dog doesn’t have a care in the world. He does have a pretty cozy pillow after all. Not even the worlds biggest bone could move this guy.

Like Mommy, Like Puppy


This photo might take the cake on the cuteness meter. A beautiful girl and her precious puffball in matching outfits doing yoga together. The connection between them is strong, not to mention they are both is excellent shape.

Can We Get Some Privacy Please


“Geez, where is a cat to go to get some privacy around here. Can’t you see we are cleaning each other? Give us another 30.” – Ralph

My Vacation Friend Ray


This gorgeous blonde is unfazed by her new buddy( the sting ray) saying hello in an up close and personal manner. Not only is she unfazed, she looks like she is having a blast on what must be an awesome vacation. Look how crystal clear that water is. SIDENOTE: The ray looks like it could be her hat that fell into the water.