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Weirdest Diets People Believe Work


People these days are obsessed with the latest trends, especially when it comes to diets and losing weight. There are a lot of strange fads out there that claim they can help shed those pounds off your stomach and trim the fat off your waist. For those who are fed up with traditional diets claiming they will work, but somehow never do, then there are some options out there. Here are the weirdest diets people believe work.

Negative Calorie Diet


The Negative Calorie Diet has one simple theory: sticking to foods that contain far fewer calories than what the body will use to digest said foods. Apparently, this will ensure the body uses calories in order to turn what you ate into waste.

Beer and Sausage Diet

10-of-the-weirdest-diets-people-believe-work-2We’re almost positive the Beer and Sausage Diet came out of Germany, where both of those food items are quite popular. The diet loves protein-heavy sausages that fill you quickly, plus beer that helps speed up the metabolism.

Eggs and Dessert Diet

10-of-the-weirdest-diets-people-believe-work-4The Starbucks Diet was popularized by a librarian who loved visiting Starbucks for their coffee and low-calorie breakfast choices. Apparently, consuming just 876 calories per day, all from the coffee chain, will ensure you lose nearly 100 pounds within a year or two.


10-of-the-weirdest-diets-people-believe-work-5Fletcherism is a bit more like a philosophy than a normal diet. Horace Fletcher, a dietitian, claimed someone could eat anything they wanted, but only when truly hungry. You could not snack when anxious or depressed.

Hard Boiled Egg Diet

10-of-the-weirdest-diets-people-believe-work-6The Hard Boiled Egg Diet requires simply eating hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sadly, a high-protein diet like this may bring about kidney issues, plus constipation and gas. You will lose weight on it, though.

The Twinkie Diet

10-of-the-weirdest-diets-people-believe-work-7Believe us, The Twinkie Diet sounds far-fetched, but it is a real, true-to-life diet that people use to shed some pounds. Basically, the user must consume nothing but junk food over a course of 10 weeks. Every three hours, the individual would eat Twinkies, cakes, and sugary foods.

Lemon Detox Diet


The Lemon Detox Diet has apparently helped some celebrities shed nearly 20 pounds within the span of just two weeks. The diet requires you to stop eating and consume only an odd mixture of water, lemon juice, pepper, and maple syrup.

Bulletproof Coffee Diet

10-of-the-weirdest-diets-people-believe-work-9The Bulletproof Coffee Diet relies heavily on nothing but coffee grounds. The diet does have a downside, though, as it causes a nutrient deficiency within the body. Some claim you should be eating breakfast foods with a lot of carbs alongside the excessive amounts of coffee.

Cookie Diet10-of-the-weirdest-diets-people-believe-work-10

This is one we can truly get behind. The Cookie Diet requires eating a variety of cookies in order to control hunger and promote weight loss. Very low calorie cookies are preferable in this fad, but most only consume around 800 calories per day. 500 of those come from cookies, the rest from a single meal.